//A brief history

The Pure Malt first opened its doors in 2000 when Steve Graham bought and completely renovated a small bar on rue Caron. Within a short space of time the Malt became Paris' small bar with the huge heart. The clientele were like a family to each other and you could be sure to pop in any night of the week and find the bar loaded with friends. Steve went on to buy the Auld Alliance bar and in 2005 he passed the Pure Malt torch on to Mickael.

Near the end of 2008 the Auld Alliance bar was sold to a French carpet bagger. This meant that of the four "Scottish Bars" in Paris none were actually in Scottish hands.

In early 2009 when Mickael decided to put the Malt up for sale I jumped at the chance to have this "wee gem" back in Scottish hands and to, once again, give Paris a real Scottish pub. The latest incarnation of The Pure Malt opened for business on Saturday the 28th of March 2009 and since then has gone from strength to strength.

The Malt is a great wee pub and I'm proud to be carrying that torch.


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